TL;DR – highly highly recommend. Brian was a life changer.

I injured my ankle playing volleyball, and it turned out that I had two tiny avulsion fractures on both sides of my ankle (surgery was not needed). I was pretty skeptical about how acupuncture would help with my recovery, but I haven’t been able to even rest my foot on the floor after two whole weeks, so I thought I might as well give it a shot.

Let me tell you, Brian was a life changer. He has this magic wand (in the form of a needle) that will immediately make your pain and health issues go away.

I will not lie his acupuncture methods hurt more than the ‘traditional’ acupuncture methods you hear about, and it is on the pricier end. But I guarantee you, the money and pain is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. (If you have extended benefits, even better. In case you’re curious, they do not do direct billing. But don’t worry, he’ll give you all the information you need to get reimbursed.)

Okay, onto why this whole experience was a game changer.

Brian is extremely attentive and patient. He doesn’t make you feel like ‘another patient’ that just comes and goes. He spends the time to listen to you and walks you through any concerns you might have.

So I mentioned I wasn’t able to even rest my foot on the floor for the first two weeks. Yes, you probably guessed where I’m going with this. Immediately after my first session (I repeat, immediately), I was able to rest my foot on the floor with no pain. 3 days later I had my second session, and the next day I was putting pressure on my ankle. By the time I had my third session, which was only one week after my second, I no longer needed crutches! My orthopaedist said it would take at least 6 weeks for me to start walking without crutches – Brian made that happen within two weeks, with just 3 sessions. Today is the first day after my third session, and my range of motion is already significantly improving. I’m looking forward to my next session and being back on the court again soon!

Ellen Lee

Dr Huang is very friendly and professional. His acupuncture skills is amongst one of the best of all the acupuncturists that I’ve visited.

I go to him for post surgery muscle treatment. He helps alleviate my muscle tightness.

Chen, Hsiao-Yu

I came to Dr. Huang with sciatic pain, pain in my lower back and glutes after a deadlift injury. His acupuncture treatments were extremely effective, after two sessions my glute pain was gone and he also identified and fixed the root cause of my lower back pain, which my physiotherapist didn’t do. Dr. Huang is professional and educational, I would recommend this clinic and would return to continue treatment.


Doctor Huang is professional and caring. He does comprehensive assessment before start to treat patients. The treatments are effective and patient education is also given properly. You need to tolerate the sharp pain from needles if you really want to see effectiveness of the treatments. Although the price of acupuncture is more expensive than other clinics but is reasonable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good door.


Brian is very professional and knowledgeable; he listens to patients problems and answers questions with care and patience. I had really bad skin allergy before, and I went to several different clinics but had a difficult time to find the solutions. Brian was able to figured out the root of the problems and cured my allergy. Highly recommend this place!:)


A friend recommended this clinic for his fast recovery after treatment, so I went there to give it a try for my chronic injuries. The doc was patient and thorough during inquiry stage. He checked my pulse and described my symptoms accurately to my surprise. I asked how he would treat my injuries, and he recommended acupuncture.

Their acupuncture has two types: the regular type that target acupoints, and the fierce-yet-fast-recovery type. I had both, and the latter type inflicted more pain, but it indeed promoted faster healing. No pain no gain I guess.

Doc also prescribed herbal meds to deal with my digest system problems. After two weeks, it worked wonders. My lower abdomen isn’t cold to the touch anymore, and much more resilient to temperature changes. Highly recommend!

Roberto L.

Highly recommend this place! This is the best Chinese medical treatment/acupuncture that you will find in BC! Dr. Huang is very patient and knowledgeable in human body. I had been in neck/back pain due to long hours of sitting. I can definitely feel change, and improvement after one treatment! He’s very nice by explaining the root cause of the pain and the way to improve your health.

Annie Lee

Dr. Huang was recommended to me through a friend, when I was suffering from chronic back pain developed from the physical work of working in construction. I’ve tried stretches, and weight exercises to strengthen my back but was having minimal result.

I booked a session wich Dr. Huang, During the assessment, I was surprised Dr. Huang was able to identify instantly which areas of my back are having the most discomfort, which I couldn’t even quite pin point myself, by just a quick glance at the contour of my back muscle.

After the first accupunture session I had instant relief, and it got better fast which each sessions. Due to the nature of my work, my arms and back take a lot of abuse daily, and everytime Dr. Huang is able to help me with my various issues and get me back to normal. I truly appreciate him, as he is a true professional, and I’ll recommend him to anyone.

Sam H

I have severe shoulder/neck pain and also lower back pain for the past 10 years due to couple car accidents. The pain comes and goes, and I have tried several physiotherapists and other known acupuncturists but only with limited effects.

Dr. Huang was recommended to me by friends so I decided to give it a try. He is both knowledgeable in western and Chinese medicines, and explains everything in terms we can easily understand. My first couple sessions were very effective! I am so impressed that I am also bringing my mother for her treatments as well. His method is unique and is helping me in ways no other doctors could have done.

I truly recommend Dr. Huang’s skills and service.

Amy Shih Lin



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