The Application of Myofascia Theory in Tung’s Dong Qi Needling Method: Three Case Studies

Brian Huang, Vancouver, BC Canada
Abstract: Dong Qi Needling Method has become a clinical-must needling method for acupuncturists. However, its mechanism, sensation-delivering pathways, clinical technique and coordinated movement have not been studied further. This article discusses the author’s experience in three clinical cases where Dong Qi Needling Method is applied with the combination of myofascia theory.
Key words: Dong Qi Needling Method, Tung’s Acupuncture, myofascia, sensationdelivering pathways, structure change, myofascia tension, connective network
Forward: Dong Qi Needling Method was one of the special secrete needling methods of Tung’s Acupuncture. Nowadays, it has become the must-learn and common clinical needling method for most acupuncturists when it comes to pain treatment. In 1975, Dr. Yang mentioned in his book, The Longitude and Latitude of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, “this needling method has been used regularly by Dr. Tung. He has an unique point of view regarding reinforcing-reducing theory. Human body has relative balance points. When alternating distant points are needled with Dong Qi needling method, the pain relieving effect is quite significant.” The operation of the Dong Qi technique is as follows: 1) First, select the points; 2) Insert the needle and when it has reached the sensations of numbness, soreness, or distension, rotate the needle and ask the patient to move the affected side; 3) When the symptom subsides, indicating the union of the point qi with that of the affected area, the qi is successfully dredged and balanced. Then one must stop the rotation of the needle;  4) For a chronic case, the needle should be retained longer and rotated in order to lead the qi to arrival. The patient is asked to move the affected part to cause the needling sensation;
5) If the disease is located in the chest or abdomen, ask the patient to breath deeply, or massage the local area to bring the needle qi up and drive pathogenic evils away. This technique has been promoted and applied for more than 40 years. Although every doctor has his/her own points-locating method and Dong Qi movement, the theory and principle that lead to the effectiveness of the treatment cannot be substituded. In this article, the author shares his clinical experience in applying Dong Qi Needling method.

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